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Guidance interferes with AM radio

I have a new Trimble CFX 750 and when powered up it turns AM radio into static. Antennaes for both are seperated as far as cab roof allows, would moving radio antennae to front end of tractor help or is it useless? I don't want to get satellite radio so that's out.

Any other suggestions? Thanks for any help from a talk radio addict.  (Tried to quit- can't- get the shakes) Smiley Wink

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Re: Guidance interferes with AM radio

Might be you are getting some RF into your AM radio.  You might try shielding the radio and even the antenna lead.  First thing I'd do is make sure all the grounds are clean and good.  Then try grounding the radio case if metal and then try putting grounded metal around the radio and if that doesn't work try wrapping tin foil around the antenna lean and ground that.  Also, might try calling Trimble to see what they suggest.  Also, see if moving the power or antenna leads for the Trimble helps.

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Re: Guidance interferes with AM radio

AM radio is a problem with modern electronics because the switching power supplies in the units rediate a signal that might be in the AM band. sometimes noise filters that are used by autio buffs for keeping the noise out of their high power aludio amplifiers in their cars help.  sometimes shielded wire on the power leads to the GPS that is calusing help the filters do an even better job.  perhpas you can record the talk radio program at hour home each day, and listen to the recording the next day, and stop the withdrawal symptoms if you can't fine a dilter that works..

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Re: Guidance interferes with AM radio

I've expereinced some trouble with my atenna before and I didn't think about moving it but I put tinfoil around it and it got rid of most of the static. If you are a radio addict like myself you'll get over a little static to hear the radio cause the silence is nice at times but day in and day out silence all day would drive me insane. 

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