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Senior Advisor

Kansas Explores UAS In Agriculture

Kansas Department of Agriculture hosted a round table discussion to explore how to use sUAS in agriculture.


"Aaron Horinek, a farmer from Colby, Kansas, agreed with Craig that younger generations are the main people implementing the technology. He also said that although UAS is available, not many farmers are using it.

 “Very, very few farms; much less than I expected,” Horinek said. “I tend to think I farm in a very progressive part of the state, a lot of irrigation, a lot of big operations, and I know of only one other person who uses UAS.”"


One possible use is monitoring animal and pasture health.  Irrigation may be made more efficient with the help of sUAS.


KDA and the Kansas Department of Transportation expect to have more round table discussions to educate, explore and explain how sUAS can benefit the state.

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