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Lightsquared says you should pay for your GPS

A company called Lightsquared has a plan to deploy up to 40,000 transmitters that will support 4G cell phone communic ations.  The only rub is, it is known to cause interference to GPS.  That means the GPS used by the military, by the commercial airliners you fly, by the GPS equipment on your tractor and the GPS on the ambulance or road clearing equipment.  GPS satellite signals are very weak.  Lightsquared is very strong.

Lightsquared got the FCC to change their frequency allocation to make them a primary user in the spectrum at question.   A primary user can say that others have the responsibility to build filters into their equipment.  In other words, as the new kid on the block, Lightsquared says that you are at fault because your tractor GPS, which never needed a filter before, now needs one.

Furthermore, Lightsquared says that GPS users have received the equivalent of subsidies from the government for the way GPS is deployed and funded.

Here is the new attack Lightsquared  has launched.

This is going to be all about politics before it is over.  Lightsquared has huge money behind it, some of the biggest start-up funds in the world.

John Deere has joined the military and aviation industries in opposing this frequency grab.  Stay tuned.  This is a big deal.