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Re: Monitors & other in cab electronics Power Source Question

They say this to eliminate all the potential issues that really dont need to exist.  For myself I have no problem connecting wires to different places, but I am 100% confident that I can do it properly by paying attention how and where I am connecting to.  Using a power source that is reliable, large enough to accept the additional load, and making sure to use solder to ensure a good connection.


Most people dont understand how to rewire something ensuring a perfect connection.  I have seen it a million times where someone has a problem with something and they ensure you that there wiring is not the problem and it actually is.  I have seen people with bare wire areas, use household connectors (marrets - spelling?), wrong gauge of wire, very bad wiring routing near sharp or moving items, etc. 


Can your powerbar handle the amperage draw of all the components plugged into it?  What is the size of the main power wires that feed the power bar?    There is a possible problem there.


How many connections is there in the powerbar circuit before it reaches the battery?  Every connection is a possible issue.


So if the manufactuer says to connect to the battery this eliminates 99% of potential problems for the average Joe.