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Need help with cold flow decision

My Dad and I are looking to buy a 12 row strip tiller for our central Ks farm.  We have a 440 STX with a Tremble EZ-Steer and  500 monitor.  We don't have RTK, instead 2-4" precision, or our own sprayer so we don't have a raven monitor.  I have heard that I need two cooling tubes for a 12 row rig and that each tube is around $6500.00.  Do we need a raven monitor to control the flow of NH3?  Is there anywhere to buy the tubes cheaper?  Does the cost actually get justified by your savings and efficiency?  Is there anything else I should know, such as upgrading to a different monitor would save buying a raven.

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Re: Need help with cold flow decision

look at Micro trac    I have had a spray monitor for 10 years   Very good service  I once had a problem with monitor and they let me use a loaner

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