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Re: New Trimble TMX2050 display

89, I'm was considering going strip-till until just a few weeks ago, after discussing it with a few locals that have tried it for a few years in the past I've decided to stick with strictly no-till for now.  I want to start to get equipped for prescription based operations (planting & fertilizing) and want to get my precision equipment up to date before I start purchasing application equipment.


I'm also looking at better ways to get the field information transferred to my office computer and was wondering if this monitor was a step in that direction.  If I recall correctly, I believe this new 2050 is built on the Android platform, not sure if I can use my smartphone (which is also an Android) to bridge the gap or if it is even necessary.  Once I get all my precision equipment up to date I want to stay current on the latest products.  It is no fun playing catch up, and that is what I have found myself doing this past couple of years.  I've got the tractor updated for the most part, I just need to get going on the sprayer and combine so all I need to do is move the main monitor between the few pieces of equipment.

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