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New aerial system for precision agriculture by Easy Aerial

Hi all, 

my name is Ivan Stamatovski and I am the founder of Easy Aerial - a new company on the block with a pretty cool aerial system for precision agriculture. We developed a drone that can stay in the air for the longest times and autonomously map your fields to gather data that is then processed automaticaly on our website. 

In few words - we are trying to create the best turn-key solution at the lowest cost that is simplest to use on a farm. For this we need your input and we are looking to interview a few farmers who may already be familiar with benefits of drone use. Please let us know if you would be interested in telling us what are the issues you care about the most and what would you like to gain from technology like this. It would only take 15 minutes of your time. 


Thank you in advance!


Ivan Stamatovski 

CEO, Easy Aerial Inc.


 Easy Drone in action

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