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Senior Advisor

Precision Ag Potholes


Experts at a precision ag conference in Salem, OR listed some areas of concern.

Bandwidth for wireless communication is expected to get crowded as more applications such as more complicated sUAS proliferate.

As equipment gets bigger, it not only has to deal with road and bridge restrictions, but also with the effective loss of data precision as a wider header feeds into the same sensor point, effectively making information less precise.  The same problem may restrict the accuracy of variable rate application.

One expert comments on manufacturers channeling data through their own systems.  "Blacker said he’s also concerned that technology companies want to control or restrict data. For example, hardware manufacturers generally want data collected with their tools to be interpreted and analyzed with their proprietary software systems.

“There’s a concern that the data is going to be more inaccessible, rather than accessible,” he said.

Aside from limiting how the farmer uses data, this approach also threatens to render some information obsolete if a manufacturer goes out of business or stops producing a line of hardware."




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