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Precision Ag instruction

Just wanted to throw this out there for everyone thinking about stepping into precision ag. There are some great tutorial videos on the Raven Envizio Pro and Viper Pro as well as a interactive video available here:


They also seem to carry some of the Raven line as well as other sprayer parts, and have spray tip and pump calculators. Would be worth checking out.

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Re: Precision Ag instruction

Precision agriculture is a cyclic process, of course, but a farmer can get started on site-specific farming at just about any time of the year.Generally, farmers need to perform annual planning, data collection, and analyzing steps to complete the precision ag cycle.


Before Planting - perform soil testing, then data analysis to determine spatial variations in soil conditions that call for a variety of treatments or planting methods.


In the Growing Season - begin by planting with variable seeding rates across the field, and use variable rate application (VRA) of fertilizers as determined by soil test data.Crop scouting is done to search for problems such as weeds, pests, or diseases.Findings determine whether further VRA of chemical treatments or other actions are warranted.


During the Harvest - as the crop is harvested, a yield monitor in the combine logs geo-referenced yield data to be analyzed and mapped across the field.Variable yield results across the field can help the farmer discover if his management methods have been successful, and determine how to proceed in the next season.

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