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Re: Precision update

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I think you need to talk to your dealer about autosteer again. I don't see why you couldnt get full autosteer, especially if you are driving the Pro series Magnum tractor.


I am running a caseih maxxum 115 value tractor, which is way less fancy than yours, with full autosteer at 2" accuracy pass to pass for my planting, spraying, hauling and fertilizer applications . I can go RTK or 1.5" accuracy if I wanted without touching the wheel. They had to make a special bracket to make this work: its not a standard setup; this tractor is meant for moving hay and cutting it and stuff. This was the first time ever that they did it to this sort of tractor, as no one puts them on maxxum tractors.

If you dont think you have enough hydraulic capacity: goto pto pumps! They are way less work than you think. But with a vacuum, variable drive, and downpressure I can see that your capacity is being drained if you arent using a compressor for downforce.

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