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Producing more with less – how Precision Agriculture works

Precision Agriculture has moved from good science to good practice: around 80% of new farm equipment equipped a certain form of component inside thanks to the cost-effective GNSS solutions. The GNSS receivers in vehicles receive the satellite signals from GPS, GLONASS or BDS and differential data stream from base stations and output the centimeter level positioning info. The real-time three dimensional coordinates could be input for data analyzing and come out with traveling routes to automatically control the machines. Compared to traditional way, it facilitates farming to enhance work efficiency.


In the past, GNSS or GPS RTK solutions were dominated by giant companies and they were extremely expensive. Tersus GNSS was found in 2014 and has a team of skillful GNSS RTK engineers and professionals. Our passion is to provide affordable, reliable and real-time centimeter-level positioning accuracy RTK solutions for drones and related users. For example, the Precis-BX303 is a single frequency RTK board which supports GPS L1/GLONASS G1/GPS L1/BDS B1, sub-meter DGPS and centimeter RTK positioning. What is the price? Take a look, click here.



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