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Question for farmers and other business owners

Do you think your farm or other business would be interested in exploring business savings with no upfront fees?StrydePhotos 135.jpg


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Re: Question for farmers and other business owners

This sounds really interesting, but I still don't understand what you mean. I would very much like to save money while not paying such a huge amount of taxes. But in my opinion, it is difficult to avoid something like this in our world.

Re: Question for farmers and other business owners

In my personal opinion, every honest citizen should pay all his taxes as the state says. The state cannot force us to pay too huge taxes, it is not profitable for the state or for us. If the state takes too much from the workers, then the workers will not have enough money to work. That is why taxes are calculated taking into account that it is profitable for both the citizen and the state. The state also improves our cities through taxes. If your expenses are really very large, then I advise you to read this article wealthtender. Perhaps you need a specialist who can help you understand what your problem is. Of course, I have never used such a specialist. But maybe it will help you. Who knows really.

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Re: Question for farmers and other business owners

This software searches 100's of local, state and federal tax incentives that allow you to claim nice refunds and/or tax credits to offset profits in future years. These programs were put into place by Congress to help farmers and other US businesses to survive and prosper. It takes about 30 seconds to see your benefits after you answer a few simple questions. There are no upfront fees. 


See your benefits now via  Relief for Farmers and other businesses.

Live support if you or your CPA has questions. M-F 9am - 5pm ESTTRACTOR.jpg



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Re: Question for farmers and other business owners

I agree 100%. And farmers and other business owners should utilize the 100's of local, state and federal programs made available to them. They were enacted by Congress to help sustain our American economy, unfortunately many CPAs, accountants and those who prepare their own taxes have no means to access these wonderful program w/o putting in 100's hours researching them. 

This specially engineered software does all of that in 60 seconds and is not for sale or lease. 

Test it here and then let your tax person know about your results. We do not prepare taxes.


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