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Hello there to everyone, I hope that some of you will be able to help me with a little project.

I have come here a few times before with other school project type questions and always got great answers and I hope to find much of the same.


I'm doing research on precision farming practices and how the concept is wonderful but often times some smaller farmers find it much harder to justify buying a precision ag system. Lots of research has led me to the conclusion that if you have a certain amount of acreage, all green or all red or all blue or whatever color tractors, and you have matching implements then precision agriculture is a wonderfully easy and helpful tool. However this is not the case with lots of farmers and especially in south carolina where one cotton farmer has all case pickers, a couple deere r series, a couple magnums, on T7 new holland and a massey 8600 series, and to say the least this man doesnt have anything precision on his equipment at all.


First, what is precision ag? Check

What is the ROI given a base farm (I made up)? got it

What are the minimum requirements to justify this? (acreage, crops, yearly recipts, etc) calculated

What are limiting factors? got those

Are there possible solutions to these limiting factors? This is where I need help!!

Are the solutions feasable to farmers who currently cannot justify precision ag equipment? working on different scenarios now


So my final question that is unanswered is

Is there a true one system fits all, connects to all and monitors all things no matter color or at least work on a few different tractors rather than one? I have done research on a few companies like trimble which I am very familiar with from surveying as well as topcon so is a third party solution best?


Thanks to everyone in advance!



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You probably answered your own question and didn't even realize it. There are companies that offer 3rd party components with supporting software that is literally color blind. Trimble, Ag Leader, and Outback are three that instantly pop into my thoughts, but I'm sure there are a few others that I'm unaware of. Many components can be moved from vehicle to vehicle thus reducing the original startup costs, but if one wants to fully utilize all precision products it would be a very expensive start up.

Hope this was the type of answer you were looking for, good luck on your project.
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Well i guess I did answer my own question to an extent

I just want sure if when you bought a guidence system from say, trimble, that it would be able to be used on any brand or if there were harnesses or adapters that would be needed, again I have absolutely no experience with precision ag since no one that I have worked/interned for has used it except for Clemson University when I was there my freshman and sophmore years, but I didnt do much more that fuel up that particular tractor.


Just wasnt 100% sure of the compatibility and how easy it would be to switch stuff from tractor to tractor and planters to sprayers and the companies dont seem to responsive to giving in depth insight to someone who wont be buying anything.


Thanks for the answer!

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