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eric klein

Thinking about the Raven Cruizer GPS

Has any one tried the Raven Cruizer for a starter small scale gps.  I am just looking for basic guidance in hay fields.  Is this the best one for the money or are there others that would be worth looking into.  We are all contour strips here so that is important.  I also want to be able to measure new fields  Plus i really like the fill in screen as you go rather than just lights telling you left or right Thx

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Re: Thinking about the Raven Cruizer GPS

The Cruiser is a very good entry line monitor.  Raven has now discontinued the Cruiser and replaced it with the Cruiser II.  The Cruiser II is now much more capable and more powerful.  It now has a memory in it to remember last jobs, waylines, etc.  Also is capable of planter or boom section controls.  I have also been told that it can couple with the Pheonix 300 antenna and be able to provide RTK steering accuracy.


A nice thing about the Cruiser is you can purchase it to begine with, use it as a guidance tool with mapping.  Then at a later date add the Raven Smartsteer ir Smarttrax to the system and now it become a autosteer kit.  All for very reasonable costs.


I have a new in the box Cruiser kit and if anyone is interested send me a email.

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