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Trimble Guidance Issues

I am running a FM-750 monitor with the EZ-Steer system on my CIH 7140 tractor.  We are only using the free waas signal for our accuracy.  My problem is that my accuracy is oscillating from around 8"-10" of center from side to side.  I have recalibrated my T2 controller with no improvement.  At first I thought it was the nature of the free signal, but several of my neighbors are running the same system and tell me that their accuracy is only off from 2"-3".  The front end of  the tractor was completely rebuilt before I installed guidance system as to prevent a loose or sloppy steering system.  What setting can I change if any to reduce oscillating?  Currently I have angle per turn at 23 degrees, aggressiveness anywhere from 85% up to 100% & freeplay is set to 0 in both directions.  Any suggestions on what I can try next?