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Trimble question

I'm a very small operator and just had autosteer installed that is supposed to have 1" accuracy. Needed this technology due to installing drip tape every 60 inches.


We hired someone with the same autosteer to map out the farm as they put in the drip tape. They had 20 foot swaths and I'll be planting with 15 foot swaths. Am I going to have issues? Or is the software smart enough to utilize the initial guidance lines.


My concern is that even if I am off an inch or so, it'll accumulate as I go across the field. I really need to the drip tape as close to 15 inches away from the crop row as possible, across the entire field.


Should I go out and "re-map" the field before I lose sight of where the tape has been installed every 60 inches? Am just trying to head off any possible scenerios that could screw up my intentions.


Hope I'm making sense. Thank you.

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Re: Trimble question

go remap the area. too many variables to risk.

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