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Senior Advisor

UAS Policy And Acceptance Evolution

Randy Braun, Director of Product Experience for the well known UA manufacture DJI, offered comments at Oshkosh on where we are and where we're going wtih US.

UA are disruptive technology - they are outside our traditional realm of experience and can be expected to cause consternation among the populace until they are assimiilated.

The are many more choices coming in UA.  They include miniaturization, such as the tiny bee sized UA, and commoditization, where they become cheap, commonplace and disposable.


New UA have sonar for indoor flight.  They can be made to livestream to youtube.


UA are developing into personal tools 


The FAA is starting to write much more favorable rules


Precision agriculture could benefit from using various cameras such as thermal, infra-red, multi-spectral to look for crop and animal disease and conditions


First responders will use UA.

Miners will use it for mapping, even inside.

Conservation uses will include recording for future comparison and reference


Construction companies will use it to see progress and status.

Remote live broadcast will be effective


Dangerous and repetitive tasks will be typically done with UA

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