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Where You Can't Fly Your UAS

§ 107.45 Operation in prohibited or restricted areas.
No person may operate a small unmanned aircraft in prohibited or restricted areas unless that person has permission from the using or controlling agency, as appropriate.
§ 107.47 Flight restrictions in the proximity of certain areas designated by notice to airmen.
No person may operate a small unmanned aircraft in areas designated in a Notice to Airmen under §§ 91.137 through 91.145, or § 99.7 of this chapter, unless authorized by:
(a) Air Traffic Control (ATC); or
(b) A Certificate of Waiver or Authorization issued by the FAA.


Prohibited areas are marked on aviation charts with the symbol P They mean just what they say - no flght at all.

Restricted areas may have time or altitude limits or other restrictions for operations.  They are also posted on aeronautical charts.

Military Operatsion Areas are identifed on charts and have varying times and degrees of restrictions.  Most begin higher than surface level, but some do begin on the ground.  I don't think UAS are prohibited from flying in MOA, but one has to use a lot of cauttion.


TFR temporary flight restrictions are put in place around VIP visits, such as when the POTUS or VPOTUS visits a town, in the vicinity of major sports events, and when put in place for special events such as forest fires or crime scenes.  TFRs are published by a notice ot airmen, NOTAM, and vary in size and time.  A sports TFR is usually within 3 nm of the event and 1,000 feet over the event, beginning one hour before and extending to one hour after.  NCAA football games, major league baseball games are examples.  A VIP visit TFR usually extends for 30 nm from the location of the VIP.  This means if the president visits Des Moines,  a TFR will be establshed and you can not fly your UAS within 30 nm of the location for the period specified.

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