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Yield monitor gripes

I have an AgLeader Edge and can't seem to keep it calibrated.  I've calibrated it 3 times with weigh wagons and it seems like shortly after I move to a new field it starts showing goofy yields again.  I've checked the sensor and it is clean and clear.  What did I pay for this device for if it won't show me yield variation in a field?  I'm getting disgusted.  This is in soybeans.

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Re: Yield monitor gripes

I have an ag leader integra new this year. much easier to use than my pf3000. Put it in a 2002 combine.  I plan to use it for my planter monitor next spring. One feature was definitely "oversold", tho. I was told (at first) that I could harvest, collect data, and calibrate whenever i got around to it and that it would "back-calibrate" the info. You can, but it won't be as accurate. The tech support guys from agleader also felt that you need to do it soon after beginning harvest. Bean yield were always less that the actual yield. We did an excellent job of calibration with 4 cal. loAds and very close percents of deviation. . also the moisture just kept very slowly dropping all thru corn harvest, but that was our fault (acccording to agleader) . We tried to correct it, by entering the right moisture. apparently doing it once per crop is preferable. The realtime mapping feature was very cool and showed some interesting comparisons on soil and hybrids. I'm hloping my retailer will have some type of class ahead of planting to get me going. also helps to have a young neighbor who also has one. I've never been accused of being mr. technology.

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