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cheap gps

  I have an older magellan hand held gps and use it for mapping tile lines starts ,end of line, and clay tile lines..   is there a better but not real pricey way to use my trk and drive along each line and locate what i want.  and then transfer it to my laptop or evan use my laptop in the trk.  I donot want to spend a lot  but want to know some faily cheap options.   May be later overlay this maps with yieldmaps or or evan soil grid maps   thanks for any info.

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Re: cheap gps

You can enter the Lat/Long into Microsoft Streets & Trips and it will plot these on the map.

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Re: cheap gps

Go to and see if they have a way to do it. I have a garmin, and for an extra $25 I got the software, and cable to be able to download any information I want from the GPS unit, to a computer. What I will do, is mark my points of interest, and then drive around the entire field to mark the border. That way I have a map I can scale until it will overlay the FSA maps, so I can locate whatever I am looking for. with the gamin software, I can download any waypoint or route, or combination of waypoints or routes I want. Whether or not the maps are comparable with other GPS units, I don't know.
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