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Barn restoration project

We have a barn that has stood since my family bought this ground in the early 1980's. We are not sure of the exact age but it was for sure built in the early 1900's. Possibly before 1910. It is not a huge barn by any means. 40' x 40' two story barn. Just a plain jane barn. No lean to. We use it to this day for bringing in calves and storeing grain and other things inside. But the years are showing its wear. The front of it has a good lean to one side and the foundation along one whole side and corner is falling away and parts of the barn arent even on the foundation.


We would like to restore it but the cost is so great. I have spent several years trying to find grants or even loans that may work for doing a restoration. Since we dont know much about its past i dont know anything about its historic value which seems to be weighed heavily for most grants. 


Does anybody have an ideas, advice or even experience in such a thing?