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I have a two small bins ( 1000 bu) that I have been using for the last several years to store my oats and I have been trying to figure out how much air I'm sucking through the gain.  When I turn the fan on the exhaust is coming out at 20 miles/ hour as shown on my wind gauge after I  put the grain in it still shows 10 miles per hour. It's a 16 inch fan with a 3/4 horse motor and I feel air movement in side the bin but not a lot.  I have wet oats every year and what has saved me in the past is the temperature.  they freeze and are gone before spring. This year I'm a month earlier than past years and if we have a warm spell I'm not sure I can keep them cold enough. I have no experience with bins but I figure I must be sucking 1000 cfm but that's just the way I figure it.  How do you all do it down there?  How does it feel when you are inside your bins with the fan running is it windy or just a breeze ?  The oats are a 25% and the temperature is 45.  The exhaust wet bulb shows 100% humidity.  any ideas for me?