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I have some questions on bins and need your experience

 I have a couple of 14 ft 1000 bu bins that must be 30 years old and I  need to fix up this year.  Now I have a full aeration floors that are so warped and I need to clean it out.  When I put the bins in I just but them over a bed of sand  on top of a tarp.  The floor will not with stand  an other take apart so I can do some cleaning. I would never get it back together.  


What I would like to do is just pull the old floor out and lay 3 or 4 inches of concrete on the sand and then build a wood tunnel with maybe some side branches but I don't know.  I have one bin with a 16 inch 1 HP fan and the other is 3/4 HP.  Never had a problem with air but that was with a full floor to suck thru.  I have to suck or the inside will become a frosted mess. Has anyone out there done this or have any plans or ideas?  Thanks.