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Re: Mouse Invasion Time

We use bait stations that use the cubesof bait. There are pins in the station and the cubes have holes that you put the pins through to keep the bait in the station and the rodents can't carry them off. We have reduced our rodents to nothing. Over a couple years we've used abount 10 lb of bait . Can't remember what the bait costs. We use two different kinds. One is a blue color and the other is tan. Don't know the active ingredients. The blue colored bait is always gone first, but the tan is eaten also. The stations cost about $10 and would last mostly forever. Just don't forget where you put them. They would outdoors as long as the are not right below an eave where the water really falls.We had trouble for years by one grain bin and when we put a couple of these nearby it wasn't long and you could smell the results.