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Re: New On-Farm Grain Storage

Out west we are gradually building more and replacing grain handling facilities that were getting very aged--area wide.  

My recent drive through iowa & Nebr say a lot of recently built large facilities.


Except for some personal needs for individuals, I would think we are going to have to slow down on building for a while and see if we can fill what we have.  At least in the areas I saw.  Drought Is still pretty prominant.


Looking at the older facilities in the west, we needed a few years of storage building.  A lot of the old concrete facilities are pretty "out of date", and have been for a long time.


The amount of grain piled on the ground and damaged over the last 20 years is a terrible waste.  I remember a few years ago, a coop in western ks had uncovered wheat, corn and milo on the ground at the same time and had damage on all three.  We have been used to abundance.  That may not be the case for a while, depending on the length of this drought cycle.

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