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Re: IRe: New bin size advise

After reading in the Oct, vol 111 issue of Successful Farming: Bin Advise.  There is one more option to consider.  The invesrse of the roof auger. Lay down a concert pad that lifts the aguer to the proper height of the bin. Then use a short aguer at ground level to feed the 61 foot auger.  If anything goes wrong both augers are at ground level and easy to work on.


While I agree with Jim Meade that a 42 foot bin would be the better choice.  The question not asked was how many inside bin unloading floor augers do you already have?  Most farmers in Central Illinois have two-to-three different augers because of the three different size bins they have.  Do you have room for another one?


Another question not asked is: do you have two smaller bins close together?  If so why not take down the two and add concert to turn the two into one of a much larger diameter bin.  Two bins are removed from the tax bill and one new one is added.  Where if you are being tax on two bins you will be taxed on three bins after the new one is built.  Run the numbers on the support cost of the three fans v. one fan and all of the support equipment.  You could size the bin to the total bushels for storage and the 62 foot auger.


Just my 2 cents

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