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Re: Shop door options

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Folding is great if willing to spend the necessary money.  Years ago I purchased two rollups with the new buildings, had one installed and didn't  like it.  Hoisted the second rollup in the second bldg on the side wall for storage and went with traditional sliding doors.  After reworking the center ground post, primarily getting it below the frost line, it works satisfactory.   Third bldg is designed for sliders but proved to be just fine with the east side remaining open which makes it real easy to provide cover for loaded wagons/trucks.  Few bird problems.  Just finished the fourth and it has a 32 ft sliding door that is somewhat protected from the wind.  It would be tough to use a big door completely in the open.  That last door was approx $9000, so doors aren't cheap.  Thought about a second door for drive thru potential, but decided cost/benefit wasn't  there.   Consequently isn't too difficult to understand my unwillingness to foot the bill for a high dollar folding door.