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Trouble Wiring Flurescent Lights

I'm putting T5 bulbs in my machine shed and can't get them to work.  

Cooper Metalux SNF254T5HO-LP41 

This is a slim line fixture wtih 2 4' 54W bulbs.

Sylvania ballast QS 2X54T5HO/UNV PS80-SC

50/60 Hz 120V-277V Universal voltage.

One of the two bulbs will ightt momentarily then go off.  After that, nothign happens and you can't even relight that one with subsequent switch attempts.

I've wired it 240V and 120V, no difference.


I wonder what I'm doing wrong?  I can' tfind any installation guides or wiring diagrams other than to strip the wire 3/8? and put the black wire where is says black and the white wire where it says white.  It says to ground the case and I've done that with the neutral (bare) wire.


Am I missing something?