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Re: Trouble Wiring Flurescent Lights

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I would just wire them for 120 volts.   Black is positive or the hot 120v wire and white is the ground.  It should work, try a different light.  Usually those smart ballasts work very well.   I do not think I would try 240 though, but I do not have a wiring diagram in front of me for one.   With 240 you have two hot wires, 120v to ground with 240 volts between them.   I think the white wire should stay a ground wire.  When they say it will work with 277V is when in many 480V 3 phase systems each individual leg is 277V to ground and then 480V between phases or the lines.  For this system you also just juse one leg, thus  277V and then the white wire is the ground.  Of course you switch these with a contactor.