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Re: Few other thoughts.

This afternoon, I took a new fixture light out of the box and wired it 120V direct to a 15A breaker.  The lamps come with the fixture in the box, so I hope they are right.  I can double check that tomorrow.  The wires both came off the same side of the box, black to the breaker and white and bare to the ground/neutral bus.  This is the entrance  box right off the meter, not a sub panel.

I saw the same info you did on phase differences.  I don't see any way to wire the ballasts differently, but I'll double check again tomorrow.


I'm wondering if I have to run a dedicated neutral?  I will try that tomorrow.  


I have one more new light and I will try it tomorrow and see if it works.  The only thing I did that may be questionable is that the lamp has two blacks and a white from the ballast to a plug.  On the plug, one receptacle is labelled black, another is labelled white and one is not labelled.  One of the blacks from the ballast goes to an unmarked receptacle.  When I first wired the test fixture today, I put the bare wire in the unmarked black receptacle.  Maybe that was bad.


Tomorrow, I'll take the other new light and I'll wire white to white, black to black, and will connect the bare wire to the fixture ground and the other end to the ground lug in the panel.


I've wired my house, my shops, my bins and while I'm not a trained electrician, I do have some books I consult and I have never had this kind of problem before, even on other flourescent lights.


I talked to an electrician, but I don't think he really knows, either.