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Re: Few other thoughts.

I hooked up the fixture and plugged it in an outlet.  Same result as before.  One lamp flickers and then nothing.  So, I took this in to the dealer and told him to plug it in and he could see what was happening.  He plugged it in and the lamp worked perfectly.


So, the problem is in my wiring.  I tried it in my farm shop outlet and it works perfectly there, too.  I tried it in a different outlet circuit in teh machine shed and it works there.


So, I have some breakers to double check and some wiring to look at.  The breaker I had it hooked to and failed showed 115V so I don't know what the deal is.  Maybe the current flow is too low.


Anyway, it's at least good to know the lamps work and I can focus on my wiring to see if I can find out what I did wrong.