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Wiring Question

I bought a 230V 1hp winch for a portable crane in my shop.  I'm planning to power it by plugging it into a 30 amp welder outlet that has four prongs.  There are only three wires for the winch motor.

Would leave the 4th (I assume ground) wire off and just use two hots and a common, or would you run a ground wire and attach it to the motor case or something?

The motor will only pull about 7 amps under load.  I suppose I should wire a 10 or 15 amp breaker in line rather than run on the 30 amp in the circuit right now.


I'd rather run it off the welder circuit than run a new one, although I could run new.  The crane moves quite a way so I can't hard wire it but rather will use the equivalent of a 12 AWG drop cord.