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Re: bore or drill a well?

Just got back from a 8 day trip to PA. No computer. I did talk to a well driller who can drill or bore the well,   He said if I get lucky I can hit good water at 200 ft but most drilled wells will be 600 ft in my area.  The home farm well here is 770 ft with the pump down to 440'.  Cost my Dad $10,000 back in 1969.  Has been a very good well.  I'm just trying to save a few bucks but maybe to be safe, a drilled well will serve the need for generations to come.  Don, you have a very good well.

BTW Saw a lot of water standing in the fields along I-80 in NW Ohio, Ill, and some in eastern IA.

Cover crops sure "green-up" while I was gone.