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electrical trouble shooting

I have  two small grain bins that I can't seem to get power to.  They ran for 5 years but something must of happened.  I have a under ground 0 cable from the house to a barn  then to another barn then out to the bin. I can't seem to get my head around whats wrong.  I can get a voltage reading at 120 but not enough power to run any thing.  so I thought maybe there is a break in the undergound cable.  so I checked to see if the power meter was turning faster  because of leakage to ground.  but no change with the breaker on or off.  If there was a break woundn't there have to be leakage and loss of power.  I pulled the breaker and checked it with a VOM and it seems it Ok.  I took a 12 volt battery and hooked it up to the two power cables  back to the barn and I have 12.7 volts after a run of 100 ft.  So that tells me the wires must be OK.  What Am I missing??  There has to be something simple I'm missing???????? Any ideas will be helpful. Thanks