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Need to spruce up the farmstead.

Getting conflicting ideas on what to
First..will use a spray...looking at a Wagner
Unit, a small "commerical" unit.

First, an old barn that hasn't been painted
For 50 years.
I'm thinking oil and know it will soak up
Like a sponge.
Another place say they have a latex with
Oil in it!
Yet another says the new all in one with
Primer, latex paint and urathene in it.
$35 a gallon and lifetime guar .

Then a painted metal bld . One said latex
With oil in it, I'm thinking either rustilium or ace's version of the name brand rust.
Really no rust on bld.

Lastly I'm not good with ladders anymore, Hyde tools have two poles that go to 12 foot.
One holds your spray gun, the other one
Has a detatchable spray time

Welcome inputs
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