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Museum Pictures - Seed Warehouse No. 5

Below are some pictures from the museum's Seed Warehouse No. 5. It was built in 1948 for the purpose of storing, packaging and loading cotton, soybean, wheat, oats and hybred corn. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places and has a footprint over 10,000 sq. ft.




Here are a couple of shots of the exhibits in the interior. The machine in the middle is a spiral separator that separated vetch from oats. A corn sheller and fanning mill are in the same area. In the background left is a Clipper Grain Cleaner. A model of the Warehouse's auger system is in the right background.





Below is an "interactive model" of the Warehouse's auger system. The real system took seed from trucks, brought them overhead and dropped them in piles on the warehouse floor (in background). The piles where then shoveled into the riser (chimney-like thing) you see and sent to an auger system in the floor. From there the seeds went to a cleaner and sacking machine, then onto trucks or railcars for transport.