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Yo! Pogo

I've been pondering the decline in activity level of this board for some time, now; and it seems obvious that we are now lacking a bona fide CELEBRITY to keep us all united in exaggerations.


Then I got to thinking.........(always a dangerous course of action)........How about Ol' Gus, and Tillie.  They could become our genuine celebrities....what with them being famous and professionally successful and all...........................?!?!


But then it occurred to me (further) that we haven't heard anything about the aforementioned celebrities for a significantly LONG time.  Which raises the following questions:


Has Gus retired and moved to Key West, where he can sip Pina Coladas, wager on the Boilermakers' games, and lounge on the shoreline watching for boating refugees, or escaped Gitmo prisoners?


And what about Miss Tillie?  I truly hope that your lack of reporting does NOT indicate that she has married BENEATH her potentially exalted competitive status, and thrown away her prospects in favor of a dismal life among the commoners.  Oh, SAY IT ISN'T SO!


Yours with extreme concern,   KenJ