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The final matchup

After weeks of voting, our original bracket of 32 tractors has been whittled down to the last 2. It's the IHC Farmall Regular versus the John Deere 4440 in the final. Which machine do you want to win? Cast your vote and we'll crown a winner soon. 


And, look for future installments of Tractor Brackets down the road. Let us know which machines you think should be included that weren't this first time around!


Now, on to the voting! 



IHC Farmall Regular

The Farmall was not the first tractor to feature the now famous tri-cycle design. Nor was it the first attempt at an all-purpose tractor; a machine as accustomed to cultivating row crops as it was plowing or powering a thresher. But Farmall was the tractor that put both concepts to practical application and commercial success. And for its impact on tractor engineering – let alone the improvement in quality of life for farmers – the Farmall stands atop the pile of the world’s greatest tractors.



John Deere 4440

Although John Deere had introduced a successor to its 1960 New Generation of tractors, appropriately called the Generation II, it was the late 1978 “Iron Horses” which helped established the firm as a world leader in horsepower. The five row-crop tractors in this line, including the 4440, featured stronger or heavier internal components used throughout their design to provide stamina to back up the machines’ increased horsepower.



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