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Ford-Ferguson 9N vs. John Deere 4440


Ford-Ferguson 9N

Harold Brock, the Ford engineer put in charge of creating a tractor out of Ferguson’s three-point system and Ford parts, worked his magic by blending the best technology from both camps. So Brock assembled his team and in less than eight months fashioned a machine that pleased both Ferguson and Ford, which by itself was no easy task. The result was a lithe, low-slung, wide-spaced, and streamlined machine with a beefy 119-cubic-inch, four-cylinder engine that turned out a respectable 28 horsepower.



John Deere 4440

Although John Deere had introduced a successor to its 1960 New Generation of tractors, appropriately called the Generation II, it was the late 1978 “Iron Horses” which helped established the firm as a world leader in horsepower. The five row-crop tractors in this line, including the 4440, featured stronger or heavier internal components used throughout their design to provide stamina to back up the machines’ increased horsepower.

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