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Help us pick the Greatest of All-Time!

Welcome to Tractor Brackets! In the spirit of the NCAA Tournament that's wrapping up next week, we thought we'd do what we can to settle one of the biggest arguments out there in agriculture: What's the best tractor of all-time? Now is your chance to help us decide!


Our in-house gearhead, Successful Farming magazine Machinery Director Dave Mowitz, has spent years studying the iron that helped forge the agriculture industry of the last century or so. Now, he's whittled down the reams of info he has on the topic into a single "bracket." Is your favorite NOT in the running this year? Don't worry -- this is just the first group with more to come down the road!


In this discussion group, you'll find 16 matchups. Each one has been seeded according to a handful of different criteria. Here's how Dave selected the tractors and matchups. Click to each matchup to make your selection. Or, start from the main Tractor Brackets page, then click to the matchups through the bracket.


Here's the basic schedule for the Tractor Brackets Tournament:
  • April 1-April 15: Round 1
  • April 15-22: Round 2
  • April 22-29: Round 3
  • April 29-May 6: Round 4
  • May 6-13: Final matchup
  • May 13: The Greatest Tractor of All-Time is crowned! 
Consider the Tractor Brackets forums here your place to "talk smack!"Now, may the best tractor win! Good luck & have fun!