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2012, Lost, etc.

I decide to try to take a nap this afternoon, since the meds for this tooth are still making me feel lethargic (at least, I HOPE it's the meds.)  Mike had put a movie called "2012" on the DVR, so I started it up and thought it would be boring enough to let me nod off, and enough noise to drown out stuff going by in the driveway and whatever the dogs might decide to do.   

Although it's pretty standard end-of-the-world fare, the special effects are spectacular, and the general premise of the end of mankind that's supposed to be forecast by the Mayan calendar is somewhat engaging intellectually. 

 I have always been intrigued by the Ark story, which is carried through the oral tradition and/or written history of almost every Earth culture.  The scene when the Chinese choppers are flying in animals for the evacuation is sort of silly, but I guess politically correct. 

This one carries all the overtones of social engineering, with only 400,000 people having seats on four ships built in China, with seats being reserved for heads of state and genetic pool candidates, but mostly for anyone with a billion dollars to spare for the ticket.  That the tickets were green and carried the right to stay on board or be thrown off had, of course, some parallels with the INS and green cards that allow people to stay in America to work. 

I've never gotten into the "Left Behind" series or "Lost," but I have always loved the survivor/castaway theme, I guess since Gilligan and his friends set sail on The Minnow.  I guess you could say I consider this genre' a form of science fiction that may someday become fact.  Do any of you watch "Lost" or read the "left behind" series?  Anyone else fascinated with this theme?

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