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Aesop's fables?

On another page, we are talking about the differences in our culture and those of many in Europe, who are threatening to pull the entire world economy under right now. Essentially, the other posters there are telling me that the attitude is to avoid paying taxes, take the government for all you can, and let the chips fall where they may...evidently, any economy is too big to fail today. This reminded me of a couple of Aesop's of m favorite childhood readings. Does anyone even know who Aesop is anymore? Guess I need to mosey over to amazon, and see if they can be downloaded to Kindle.... I didn't really read fairytales to my own kds much...enough so theynwould recognize them in a cultural way, but not as any sort of object lesson. I went more for good old Aesop and his "moral of the story" approach. How about you? What did you read to your kid's when they were small?
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Re: Aesop's fables?

When they were prescool aged their favorite story was "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak.  As babies and toddlers I read them all of Mother Goose....


I did read them many of Aesop's fables...


I read them "chapter books" as they got older so they were exposed to the concept of anticipation in literature.  It encouraged them to use their imaginations to project where they thought the story might go next. 


One of my favorite courses in college was Children's Literature.  I learned so much in that class about how to link other academic subjects to literature.  I think it was called a learning web or something like that.  When they were middle school aged whenever my kids were studying a particular subject I would encourage them to read literary works about that subject....i.e.....whales and Moby **bleep**..... 


My homeschooling DD is exposing our grandson to wonderful literature at a very young age.  I am so proud of her for that....


Our culture is so technology centered that we are losing much of our exposure to art music, literature and theater....we are losing so much of ourselves along the way....sad...

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