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Allergies, Anyone??

I dont know if it is the heat or the humidity or the mold or the pollen or the wet spring or the dry summer or ALL of the above, but my allergies have been off the charts this past month.  Anyone else experiencing this?


First it was congestion that came on every night at dusk....then it became bad sinus headaches.....then it worked its way down to where I was pretty sure it was a sinus infection and strep throat....I finally called for antibiotics after about two weeks of this misery...the sinus headaches were just unbearable....the docs office called to tell me that they had called in a prescription and to give the pharmacy a couple of hours.....this was on a Friday evening.....When I went down to pick it up and the pharmacy had no record of it ever being called then the docs office was closed for the weekend.


Being a weekend I just decided to tough it out until Monday I was doing better but this past week I began getting congested again and the sinus headaches are back....itchy eyes and a crazy tickly cough, too.


By now, I am convinced that it is allergies in a way that I have not had for many years....and I am hearing other folks say that they are having allergies worse than before or for the first time in a long time....


I hate taking meds but I think I may have to go back on them until whatever is triggering them is killed by a frost. 


How are the mold and pollens in your neck of the woods?  Miserable like here?  If so you have my sympathy.  This stinks!!

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Re: Allergies, Anyone??

Since I have been taking the Loratadine daily, and using saline nasal spray, it hasn't been too bad this year. I am a bit loggy in the mornings, but standing under a hot shower or putting a wet cloth over my face in the tub seems to help.

I did feel a sharp pain in one of my frontal sinuses today when I got out of the car and walked from the heat into the cold AC in the bank. A little accupressure with my thumb to that side helped a lot, something the chiropractor taught me.

Mike has been complaining of similar headache problems lately...more localized in one sinus or one side. Some of it seems exacerbated by shifts in barometric pressure. We both are also sleepy in the afternoons, but sleep has been disrupted by EMS storm calls, plus some alarm calls, all during the night during the heat wave.

The antibiotics I had to take after that minor surgery may have given me some preventative for sinus infections. I would like to think there was a sliver lining in that three - week cloud.
We should get our ductwork cleaned out, to cut down on dust and mold spores. I have to wear a dust mask in even light dust conditions now. It doesn't hurt to wear them during yard work, too.

Hope you feel better.

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