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Almost burnt

Am cooling off under the oscillating fan on this shady porch after lunchtime. Not really cool, but at least it's making the sweat evaporate a tad.

I decided to spend a couple of hours cooking and making yogurt this morning, and thus have some stuff prepared for sides and desserts for a couple of days. Miek's been grilling a lot this past week, which helps keep the heat out odmthe kitchen quite a bit towards suppertime.

As he was finishing his BLT for lunch, he remarked that the big skillet of squash I had cooking down on the stove smelled delicious. I told him that it still smelled too raw to me, since it hadn't " stuck" yet.

Mike's mom taught me to cook squash, and her way is the only way my crowd will eat it. Big old onion, chopped and fried in oil, wit sliced squash, steamed with the lid on til,the skin is soft enough to chop with the spatula...then reduced until the juice is cooked out, and it starts to almost burn on the bottom of the pan.
That is " sticking squash" to me. When I season it at the end, salt and black pepper, puls a little brown sugar, which also adds to the caramelized is delicious. I hated squash growing up...nasty and greasy. This is almost good enough to have for dessert.

We sear steaks on a very hot grill to seal in the juices, and an onion only gets sweeter when it is right on that verge of being burnt in the skillet. That is one of the best food aromas on Earth to me.
Our favorite BBQ place back home chops up the almost- burnt ends of butts. It s a real taste and texture treat to hit one in the bun, nothing better!

Most cookies taste best to me when they are taken put eight before they would burn...again, I am sure some o f the sugar is turning to caramel. Mike's favorite cake frosting is one where I have to take sugar to that beautiful brown color, then stir in the rest of the ingredients. Not pretty to look at, but who cares, when it tastes that good?

These are the recipes that require you to pay close are going very near the edge, and can't turn away, or it's really ruined.

So, for what your family expects you to cook until it is almost burnt?
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Re: Almost burnt

Kay, be careful with the fan blowing on you when it is this hot. What it creates is a convection oven condition.


I'm a KC barbeque fan. Grew up with the technique. Appreciate other types but like you way of cooking squash what you know you will like best. But my question is about burnt ends.


I remember going to Bryant's here in the Paris of the Plains to get burnt ends. It wasn't something they sold or advertised. As a matter of a fact the joints in town would give them to you but didn't want anyone to know about them.


Now every place has burnt end sandwiches. I wonder how many briskets would have to be cooked to supply true burnt ends?

I missed when burnt ends came on the menu as I was living around Philadelphia at the time. Barbecue in Philadelphia was like cheesesteak served anywhere else in the country. Nothing like the real thing.


In my group you have to "burn" the hot dogs at a cookout. Of course my kids said they were burnt if they had sear marks from the grill. LOL



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Re: Almost burnt



You reminded me...can't be a "toasted" marshmallow over a campfire.  Has to be one that caught on fire and had to be blown on hard to put it out.  Black on the outside, absolute goo on the inside. 


Thanks for the heat warning...never heard of that one before.  I decided to clean in the kitchen while cooking, and that has led to cleaning out the refrigerator this afternoon,   Not a bad job for a hot day, ya think?


Got interrupted while doing that, call for colored printer paper...everyone shops in Mama's Store!   

While in the office, I decided to stop and check email for the weekend.  Thanks for a good memory....

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