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An hour online to save money not feeling very worthwhile right now. 

Mike informed me a few days ago that our integrator has replaced the normal latex gloves we've been  buying from them forever with nitrile or vinyl. "Someone" has decided that the powder inside the old latex ones, which were dirt cheap compared to the alternatives they are now offering us, has some impact on sow conception. 

Never mind that we never see a sow. 

We went through the same thing a while back when they upgraded the dust masks to a very pricey type my crowd won't wear.  I found some simple ones cheap on amazon marketplace, and bought up a stash of them, saving probably a hundred dollars on that couple of cases.  Logic held it that we'd find gloves the same way.  

No such luck. 

After about an hour of shopping, we finally decided to try Sam's Club online, and found two reasonably-priced options, one vinyl and one latex, both powdered, which makes pulling a glove back onto a sweaty hand a second time easier.  Called a couple of the local clubs, to see if they stocked them, but nope.  Their shipping was ten bucks a case less than anyone else's though, and the gloves were as cheap as teh least expensive ones I could find elsewhere.   

I spent maybe an hour searching, ordering and creating an online account, to save ten dollars.  Probably the worst expense of time I've had to spend on a task in a long time. 

Oh, well, I know where to look next time they need a thousand gloves WITH powder inside.  Hopefully, these will last several months. 

Yes, I am whining.  Sorry. 

I ought to be accustomed to people making simple things complicated, but I never like it when they do.   

Has anyone pushed this button on you lately, too? 


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