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Re: Another day, another disaster!

What a day you had!  Hope you days go better now. Yes maybe you were not to be there when the hired guy left. I try to keep water in the car.



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Re: Another day, another disaster!

Well, we finally got here about noon today. Mike and I did a bit of work this morning, showered and left about ten.

No, Good Zi wasn't here. Told her he had to de-trash the trailer,give her the keys, before he got his pay. She could hold the hundred he's bern paying her every week, but nit the epremaining $400 he owed her, or any part of that.

He has a windshield being installed when she went over to check things out. He ended up $90 short, so the installers pulled it off and left. Not my problem.

He left his tiny puppy, which she found under the trailer, dehydrated and starving. Good foid and water, and AC in their garage, where he is being quarantined from their bug dogs, and he is happy as a clam today. He even looks like the reincarnation of an old stray they had taken in ages ago.

Daughter started texting me nonstop, because she had mentioned the situation to a neighbir yesterday afternoon. Her nephew had called about the job. She wanted me to guve her a full rundown of salary and housing package over the phine, with Winn clamoring in the background, while we were riding in my noisy older truck. I told her we would get it straight when we got home.

Guy is coming fir a working interview tomorrow, might start Monday, if he's decent. No kids can move in, until some damages inside are fixed. That will be part of his job, if he wants. I am not offering full utilities ever again, just an allowabpnce towards them, they pay the excess.

That single wide trailer was costing me more than three houses and my office put together, each month. This gives them incentive to control those costs. We will see if he works, and if he works, if he bites. I am not losing dleep over this smymore.

Hope to hear truck isn't major. Worn out today.
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