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Another gray day....

That's what the weather lady here in Carolina just said this morning. Winn is due here any minute now...they tend to drag in later on Friday, since there is no livehaul activity for us that day, thank goodness. Depending upon SIL's public job schedule, they can have a little family time, which they sorely need.

Do you ever just wish you could make life easier for your grien kids?

Went on my epic voyage to Raleigh area for lab work yesterday. I am hoping the followup will be just a phone call next week, instead of another 250- mile round trip. I just do not see how people live in places with that kind of traffic and congestion. I am sure it has its charms, but I cannot wait to escape the city limits.

My car's panic alarm chose to malfunction yesterday, twice in the Whole Foods parking lot, three times at Sam's. Then, it miraculously stopped. That kind of intermittent problem can be maddening...only acts up when the mechanic isn't around.

Got home to find a message from my mother, saying her older brother had passed away. He's been in bad, bad shape for several years, so it is a blessing. First of her siblings to go. I loved Uncle Pete, but have the same reservations about attending his services as I mentioned earlier this year, afyer Mike's cousin's funeral shook me up so badly. I am thinking I should write to my cousins, explaining my absence.

Have a good one, all! Here comes my little buddy in the backdoor....

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