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Another one bites the dust....

Stopped at Lowe's after an appointment in town yesterday, and scooted across the plaza to Staples, thinking I would grab a pack of my favorite pens, before they closed for good. Day late...gone!

That makes another sad sign of how economically depressed our general region is...things still crashing even seven years after 2008's implosion. We have several chain restaurants shuttered...Lonestar Steakhouse, Cici's Pizza, so middle and lower end both taking a hit.

Within an hour of us, in Emporia, VA, Lowe's closed, as did the furniture chain across from it. When Home Depot closed four stores nationwide three or four years ago, two of them were the ones closest to us in Carolina. We even lost our local Sweet Frogs frozen yogurt shop.

I have stopped counting how many businesses have gone out in Rocky Mount, NC. I go there or through there 3-4 times a year, and it looks worse each trip. If a chain store company cannot stay in a place, with hundreds of stores in other cities to pull up the overall profit margin, you know it was doing really poorly.

Is this just here, in SCVA/ NENC?

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Re: Another one bites the dust....

I am surprised. I have not seen anything like that here. No major stores closing in fact. It is only the traditional local owned stores that cannot compete with the chains. A long term (100 yr) hardware just closed last week saying that with the interstate people are driving 1 1/2 + hrs to the cities to shop at the big stores.

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