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Apps for your health

Here's an interesting feature about some apps for your smartphone that help improve health: Dr. Smartphone.


Most of these are for iPhone or Android smartphone, which I of course don't have, LOL. We did all get Nook Tablets for Christmas, though, and I bought an app called "Lose It!", which says it will track calories based on the food you say you ate, and also track exercise, and help you stay within range to fit whatever your goal is. I used a similar online tool and liked it, but I didn't always have my laptop with me, so it was hard to do consistently. I usually have my Nook, but am only online when I'm somewhere with wifi, so I'm not sure how it will work. To be honest, I haven't used it yet ... but I'm going to!


I also saw some first aid apps that I thought would be good ... to walk  you through what to do in an emergency situation.


What apps do you use that are geared towards improving your health? Any reviews to share?

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