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Are any of you starting to load apps pn your phones, for customer loyalty programs, coupons, etc? I think I posted here about Joann's Fabric and Crafts' app a few months back. Every grocery chain has an app now, it seems.

I went in Martin's in central Virginia today. They were owned by the Ukrop's family until a couple of years ago. Not being Baptist, they sell beer and wine, which Ukrop's never did...I forgot to see if hey open on Sunday now, too.

Anyway, my old Ukrop's VIC card wouldn't have worked, even if I had found it...I stepped to the customer srvice and filled out the form. The girl handed me the card, and we both said something about an app. Turns out they have one, and she helped me load it and scan my personal barcode into it.

I used it at checkout, and it is a great convenience. Thought I would mention it. Eome of you, like me, may hate carrying that wad of cards or keyring tags around. Anyone else using apps this way yet?
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